The Collective Exhibition Celebrating International Womys’s Day: Thank you

The Collective Exhibition Celebrating International Womys’s Day was a manifestation of our inner voice, power and love. Thank you all that made this possible and that put your energy in a community space to create an unforgettable experience. Marivel Mejia Marthalicia Matarrita Claudia Madera Sally Hyppolite Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki Niumeitolu Nia Andino Tania Molina Mahina Movement Ana Ofelia Rodriguez Mujeres thank you for being a beautiful inspiration to follow. Thank you Ofelia and Broadway Housing Community for creating this space within our community for the community. Much respect. All the artists what can I say you made this a magical space to be. Artist, Claudia Maderawe all miss you and keep you in mind! Grita Fuerte

420710_107223956075887_602353597_n430339_10150853653119966_2002899823_n418271_10150853656919966_1216297267_n 421830_10150853657274966_793958426_n 430339_10150853653119966_2002899823_n 418346_10150853652059966_2024334704_n 420909_10150853642234966_2099393241_n 419607_10150853641919966_199186994_n 427100_10150853641124966_2131537982_n 431095_10150853624534966_841241981_n 421681_10150853616699966_1320116852_n 419049_10150853616599966_1198533828_n 420710_107223956075887_602353597_n 429734_107222612742688_502947614_n 426298_107222239409392_1721814675_n


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