Gracias: Cierre de Exposicion Colectiva de Mujeres

Mi gente TINGO: Grita Fuert was honored to have all of you supporting the closing of the Collective Art Exhibition Celebrating Womyn’s Day. This event was powerful, beautiful and unforgettable. Great time are just possible amondfamily. Thank you to the honoree Ana Ofelia Rodriguez, Nina Paulino Nia Andino Marthalicia Matarrita Claudia Madera Marivel Mejia Sally Hyppolite Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki Niumeitolu for being such an inspiration in our communities. You all are leading our path in a powerful way and a lot is being learned. Grita Fuerte Mujer nunca te quedes callada.

540556_122562034542079_1116327975_n 535615_122561137875502_530897159_n 555382_122558571209092_1149643412_n 551219_122557587875857_2795452_n 555053_122556424542640_533068342_n 525937_122555154542767_1488534309_n 546183_122552517876364_976343551_n 563922_122549721209977_1854022071_n 563698_122548891210060_1116004096_n 526270_122547951210154_1510139323_n 527309_122547724543510_947573600_n 549896_122547401210209_1234559781_n 546817_122545847877031_718545194_n 563684_122546901210259_939527481_n 541325_122544897877126_2063838094_n 557126_122544784543804_117061534_n 292294_122526051212344_1068993892_n


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