International Womyn’s Day: Honoring Mother Nature

During our event we count with the participation of all these amazing performances who made this event a success. TINGÓ: Grita Fuerte want to say thank you. For those that want to know more about the artist, here is their bio. Please be in build with them. Thank you Dalia Fakhouri for putting the program together.


The Artists:

LC THE POET is an inspiring emcee with a old soul. She is a poet, emcee, DJ, actress and has all interest in using media as a tool for consciousness to empower and teach the youth. She has traveled overseas and is also a member of the universal Zulu Nation. Her mission is to bring true school back into the communities and stop the media from brainwashing our next generation.

MELISSA MONTERO is an activist, dancer, filmmaker and media professional. She has been active in the campaign to free the Puerto Rican political prisoners for the past ten years. She is a former dance member of the Abakua Afro Latin Dance Company where she performed for 7 years. Melissa is currently attending graduate school at Hunter College and pursuing an MFA in Integrated Media.

BUDARI DANCE COMPANY is a Garifuna group born on March 13, 2011 in New York. This group serves as a platform for the Garifuna’s families in the United States to embrace their ancestral culture and all its components. Budari DanceCompany combines all the elements from singing, dancing and traditional drumming to create a powerful space to enjoy all Garifuna’s music. Contact: (347) 988-7213/ (347) 596-7021 BUDARIDANCECOMPANY@GMAIL.COM

TANIA MOLINA is a Garifuna woman born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Growing up she always created sketches from the pictures of her father’s books. Tania has a Bachelors and Masters in Economics and currently works as a Senior Treasury Analyst at Bank of New York Mellon. Although her work is in Finance, art is her passion. Painting in Canvas and dancing with Chief Joseph Chatoyer Garifuna Folkloric Ballet of New York are her creative outlets.

MARIVEL MEJIA is a recent graduate of City College of NY with a degree in Studio Art. Formerly an Intern for their Humanities’ Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Myrah Green and Teacher’s Asssistant to the Chairman of the Art Department, Mr. Leo Fuentes. As an Art Student and Artist since birth, she learned that talent is not a goal, it is a gift. She mostly applies colors to her work that are upbeat, colors that represent most of the colors of our chakras. There are some exceptions when she uses darker colors to convey messages with different vibrations.

 PHYLICIA HENRY is an organizer/esthetician. She started La Perle Noire LLC with a desire to provide natural products that are intended to benefit the skin without harsh cancer causing ingredients. She has also dedicated her time to empower young women through beauty by starting The Black PEARL Program.

NANCY MANSOUR (aka Harrabic Tubman) is a community organizer, hip hop artist manager, and radio host on for over 8 years. In 2009 she co-founded Existence Is Resistance, an internationalist organization promoting inter-cultural solidarity and non-violent resistance through the arts, with a focus on occupied Palestine and inner city youth. EIR’s 2010 hip hop tour is the subject of the documentary Hip Hop Is Bigger Than The Occupation. For more information, please visit

RUTH RODRIGUEZ is a Dominican American artist raised in a New York who questions the quality and validity of ornament. Her most recent “self exploitation” works consist of a series of portraits addressing the portrayal of the “urban” woman. Inspired by Afro-Caribbean and American Pop culture Ruth’s paintings are an investigation of media intake and art history. She’s shown in Chelsea, Harlem and Narrowsburg, NY.

TANIA ROMERO is a poet, mother, youth organizer and healer. She believes in the healing and transformative power of our spoken stories. Through poems, she speaks her own stories and the stories of our communities. In this process she heals and hopes to due justice to the memory, struggles and victories of our ancestors and our people. She is currently working on her 2nd book of poetry. Blog:

DR. SAYIDA SELF was born in New Orleans but raised and educated in Harlem, NY. She is a graduate of Northwestern University & the CUNY Graduate Center. A cultural anthropologist, Dr.Self has worked as a gender advocate & researcher in the area or HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive justice. She believes in the traditional African idea of women supporting women through key life events and understands that working as a doula is significant indelible form of women-centered social action. Dr. Self is a lecturer at Bronx Community College where she teaches courses in anthropology and sociology.

MARTHALICIA MATARRITA is a Costa Rican-Dominican artist born & raised in Harlem, NY & it is where her art flourished through influences of street & fine arts. With lessons in an urban setting by sharing “black books” graffiti art journals & comic books. Encouraged by faith to peruse the art form, she entered LaGuardia H.S. of Performance and the Arts & then SUNY New Paltz for a B.A. in Fine Arts. She is the creator of “The Artist Process” a documentary & a public family event.

CETILZTLI NAUHCAMPA QUETZALCOAT IN IXACHITLAN se formó en 1999 cuando Jennie Luna y Juan Esteva se encontraron en NY viniendo de California y México para estudiar y trabajar. Ellos comenzaron el primer grupo de danza Mexica en la ciudad de Nueva York después de recibir palabra y permiso de sus respectivos maestros para formar el círculo. Hoy en día, los miembros de Cetiliztli vienen de todas las direcciones de este continente. Cetiliztli was formed in 1999 when Jennie Luna and Juan Esteva met in NYC after coming from California and Central Mexico. They began the first Mexica danza group in NY after receiving respective blessings from their teachers to form the circle. Today, the members of Cetiliztli come from all directions of this continent.

TATIANNA MORALES hails from Brooklyn, NY. She is a creator of all sorts who chooses dance as her main artistic expression exploring themes of spirituality & female empowerment through movement. Tatianna utilizes ritualistic & ancient dance forms to communicate her relation to the divine, evoking the desire to connect to what is & what always has been: Ashe. Her piece tonight illustrates the abandonment of the confined self and the decision to honor and surrender to the true nature of the animal self as a womyn.

DJ SABINE is from Haiti & lives in Brooklyn. BrooklynMecca/Oyasound/Rhythm&Roots are her projects. Her Oyasound events focus on the exposures & pleasure of African Diasporic music like Ancestral House, Afrobeat, Afrotech, & Haitian Roots. They incorporate live performances, visual, & vendors. Her influences are her spirit guides, ancestors, & warrior women. Her ear for music soothes the innate part of herself & others that honors sound of drums, power of words, and healing effect of conjuring pure positive feelings and emotions.


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