Thank you: International Womyn’s Day 2013

We would like to thank our community for the amazing participation, the performances and the space, Camaradas el Barrio. Thank to all of you TINGÓ: Grita Fuerte manifested a celebration of acknowledgement to Mother Nature and each womyn. Thank to all of you we were able to raise $ 435 that will be used for the Afro Womyn’s book to Honor Mamá Tingó. Looking forward to continue building bridges, embracing our true nature and serving as a platform for Afro Womyn.

Here are some picture of this memorable night in community:



International Womyn's Day: Honiring Mother Nature img_3418 img_3419 img_3423 img_3426 img_3427 img_3438 img_3443 img_3465 img_3466 img_3477 img_3480 img_3484  img_3487 img_3492 img_3494 img_3496 img_3503 img_3508 img_3517 img_3519 img_3521 img_3526 img_3527 img_3531 img_3532 img_3533 img_3539 img_3542 img_3546 img_3547 img_3548 img_3549 img_3550 img_3555 img_3556 img_3564 img_3565 img_3571 img_3572 img_3574 img_3580 img_3582 img_3583 img_3586 img_3588 img_3590 img_3593 img_3600 img_3605 img_3606 img_3607 img_3610 img_3612 img_3618 img_3620 img_3622 img_3623 img_3624 img_3625 img_3627 img_3634


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