Thank you for your support: Celebrating International Day of Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean and the Diaspora Womyn

Thank you to all of you Afro Womyn  for making this event possible. Your energy, love and inspiration created a wonderful environment for all womyn to enjoy their day.  Thank you to performances:


Dj: Sabine Blaizin

Live music by Legacy Women

Poetry by Yesenia Selier

Thank you a lot to the photographer for her amazing job: SP Photography by Fatima Michikos

Thank you so much to the sponsors:

Miss Jessie´s:
*La Perle Noire LLC:
*Dominican Women Development Center:
*Osha Records:
Tonnis’s Minis: Tonnie’s Minis

We also want to say thank you to the organizers: Agar Garcia, Genesis Aquino, Isolina de la Cruz and the amazing volunteers that always support TINGO: Penelopes Aquino, Anistla, Sally Hyppolite and Luna Sol.

Finally, thank you the White Rabbit lounge for opening your space for us to host this wonderful event to continue celebrating our beauty, work and commitment to transform the Universe.  It was a honor for TINGO: Grita Fuerte to serve as a platform for Afro Womyn to come together to celebrate each other. Let’s continue building bridges of love, solidarity and unstoppable inspiration . Tingo Img 2 Tingo Img 1 Miss Jessie's Img. 4 Miss Jessies Img. 3 Miss Jessie's Img. 2 Miss Jessie's Img. 1 1016968_557659784294187_662167878_n 1012056_10152111840934966_1563432169_n 1004879_557663464293819_1813712015_n 1004493_557659020960930_677332504_n 998048_557662970960535_1918310214_n 995760_557662470960585_585507187_n      969798_557657740961058_335217646_n Miss Jessie's Img. 1  21437_610202525677252_1806832097_ntingo 7 tingo 8 tingo 9 tingo 10 tingo 6


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