Ayibobo, Ache, Gracias a la Misericorida

The Third Annual Mamá Tingo Festival: The Full Cycle of life was a pure manifestation of love, light and community. From the children with their ‘aunty’ creating maracas, our panelist speaking about female’s power within our traditions, eating in community, witnessing a powerful dance for the Goddess Oya,  Palo, Gaga, to the Altar to honor our Ancestors; we embraced our roots. It was an honor for us to continue being a bridge for creating community healing during the celebration of our culture. All of this was possible thanks to our community. Each of you made this event to be a spiritual experience.

This powerful celebration was made possible thanks to the participation of the panelists: Manbo Dowoti Desir, Yesenia Selier, Celina Guzman, and Dayanara Marte who shared with us a little bit of their knowledge by taking us on a journey through the religious practices, politics and healing aspects of Vodou, Yoruba, 21 Divisions and  Emotional Release techniques.  Moreover, having El Taller Experiementar de Arte created a community altar to celebrates the life of our Ancestors and specially the life of Mamá  Tingó gave us a space to pay respects to those who guide us. Thank you to Sally Hyppolite for her commitment to healing and for serving as a bridge for children into the magical world of art. Gracias. we do not have words to say how thankful we are with you Nia Andino. You have the power to translate into extraordinary art work our vision. Gracias mujeres.

Furthermore, we would like to thank Yesenia Selier and drummer Dawn Drake for blessing us with the fierce dance for Oya. Thank you to our forever supporter Claudio Fortunato y Sus Guedeces for showing us that there is power in unity. We are thankful to have counted on each of you, Joan Metz, La Diva, Kaila Paulino, Gerald Alexander Lopez Castellanos, Mendy Fortunato, and some of the members of Gagá Pa’ el Pueblo Genaro Ozuna, Ricardo Ureña, Mitiko Jurakan, and Reynaldo Pantaleon giving such a beautiful musical tribute to Mamá Tingó.

With the same spirit, we want to express our gratitude to each volunteer: Luna Sol, Kaila Paulino, Anistla Rugama, Sky Flanbo, Dalia Fakhouri, Johanna Aquino, Bruja, Marimer Berberena, and Vannia Lara for donating your time to TINGO. It was a pleasure working with you and seeing your commitment to making this event a success. This was possible thanks to you.

We would also like to express our thanks to re-elected City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez for supporting spaces that promote our cultures. Thank you to Rosita Romero, Executive Director of the Dominican Women’s Development Center for her dedication to transforming womyn’s lives, for trusting TINGO and giving us her constant support and thank you Reynaldo Pantaleon for your commitment to the legacy of Mamá Tingó and manifesting it through your support to TINGO: Grita Fuerte.

This event was also possible thanks to the monetary contributions made by many of you through our fundraising campaing:Lucia Roxana Cruz-castro, Bodoma, Kya Perez, Rosita Romero, Vanesa Tricoche, Yohanna Lucía Sufrán Féliz, Edward Page, Roger Drew and the attendees who donated at the door. The money raised was used to cover the expenses for the event.

Lastly, we are profoundly grateful with Alianza Dominicana Culture Center for opening their doors to us and giving us the opportunity to have our third annual festival to honor the legacy of Mamá Tingó. Thank you to the co-sponsors El Taller Experimentar de Arte and La Peña del Bronx for always supporting our vision.

With deepest gratitude,

TINGO: Grita Fuerte

Isolina de la Cruz, Co-Founder

Agar Garcia, Coordinaror

Genesis Aquino, Coordinator

Nathalie Tejada, Co-Founder

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