What is Gagá


TINGO: Grita Fuerte presents:

What is Gagá? a night for embracing, learning, and celebrating an Ancestral Ceremony.

FUNDRAISING event to generate funds for ” A bus for the Gagá la Ceja.”

Documentary: Gagá Batey San Luis Directed and Produced by Boynayel Mota.

Boynayel Mota
is a Filmmaker, photographer producer, percussionist, director of the documentary Gaga Batey San Luis
Founding member of zero Batey, has presented her work in Canada, New York, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia. Work for the Indian Museum as part of the investigation
on Indianism in the Caribbean.

Panel composed by:

Genaro Ozuna
is a “Mayor” from the Gagá la Ceja. For over 35 years he has worked promoting, cultivating, and exposing the Afro Culture from the Dominican Republic. He is an art teacher. Studied Art Education at EAP De Puerto Rico. He was a member of Quisqueya en el Hudson, and today is the lead organizer of Gagá Pa’l Pueblo.

Nina Paulino
has dedicated her life to promoting Dominican roots music and Culture and keeping Afro-Diasporic traditions alive in the New York City Dominican community. She was introduced to Afro-Dominican rhythms in the 1980’s and has since worked tirelessly to preserve and cultivate the roots of the Ayitian Island. She has participated in numerous ensembles including but not limited to Asadife, EcoCumbe, Palo Monte, Palo Mayor and Francia Reyes la Reina de los Palos. While on this journey she was a member of Tato Torres y YerbaBuena Boricua Roots Music Ensemble. Nina Paulino has served our community as an organizer of cultural events and spaces, and in 1996 co-founded the Quisqueya en el Hudson Dominican cultural festival that she has organized in Washington Heights since. Quisqueya en el Hudson was founded as a Dominican music festival but is inclusive of many different rhythms from all over the world and each of the 15 festivals has presented the Washington Heights Community with a great variety of musical styles and Genres. Currently Nina is performing with the longest playing Palo group in NYC-Claudio Fortunato y sus Guedeses, and The Legacy Circle Womyn’s drum cypher which plays both Afro-Dominican and Puerto Rican Rhythms.

Marimer Berberena
Is a young Puerto Rican womyn dedicated to transform gender disparity. Marimer has a Master form The Graduate Center, CUNY in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. During her years in New York she came across Gagá Pa’l Pueblo and after couple of years documenting them, chose to do her thesis on Gagá in New York. Marimber through a deep research on Gagá was able to create a thesis that gives honor to this Ancestral Ceremony.

Others to be confirmed

Panel to talk about what is Gagá, its social, economic and political impact, its bridge in one island: Rara/Gagá
Q and A

Thank you to all the organizers that are supporting to put this event together. And Thank you to Word Up Bookshop for always opening the doors and serving as an ‘instrument of reciprocal education and exchange’ & empowerment for our community.

April 23, 2014
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00pm
Place:Word Up Books | Community Book Shop –Librería Comunitaria: 2113 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10032
Snacks will be served
Children Friendly
Door: Donation
All funds go towards “A Bus for the Gagá la Ceja”

More Information Click Here Facebook_Icon_2

TINGO’s strong message make us reflect upon what kind of society we want to live in and the legacy we want our children to behold. Some of the organizers share this beautiful and powerful message that reads: “Its purpose is to create the platform for Afro Womyn to embrace our culture, traditions and rituals through the power of sharing, organizing and building for the present-future generations. Its belief is that going back to the roots of our cultures, we can acknowledge our free being, impact our reality and transform ourselves. By serving as a channel for culture, art, and solidarity work, TINGO´ is building the yola/boat that will take us to a ride to engage into the conversation to celebrate who we are as Afro womyn, our role to create bridges of equality in this capitalist society and to connect all African descendant in one voice.”

DONATE to HERE  “A Bus for the Gagá la Ceja”


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