6 Days Left and Hands Open for Miracles!!

Dear Local and Worldwide Community,

Our Indiegogo campaign for “A Bus for the Gagá la Ceja” has raised $2,005 dollars thanks to your commitment, fierceness and love for your/our passion.  And you can do even more. Your support to reach out to others to DONATE is critical. We want to invite you to get on our 6 days fundraising boot camp with TINGO and let’s grab our goal $15,000.

How can you help?

1) Ask friends and family to fund your/our passion.

2) Share the campaign on all Social Media: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

3) Create a fundraising event: Brunch, Wine Party, Movie Night towards the Bus.

4) Attend to our Next event at Camarada El Barrio Where we are going to celebrate the success of us Daring to Dream Bigger.

All details on the flyer.


Lets play hard and let’s celebrate by enjoying the happiness that we are going to bring to this Sugar Field, La Roma, Dominican.

Our job is to continue carrying on our Ancestors’ Legacy.

Thank you



Note: Thank you Camardas el Barrio for all your support to make this possible. Business like this empower our communities.




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