You are Making This Possible

TINGO: Grita Fuerte wants to say thank you for daring to dream bigger with us, engaging others to fund your/our passion and being totally enrolled to reach the goal of $15,000. Today, we reached another milestone in this process to continue holding our Ancestors’ legacy in the Dominican Republic by raising $2,092 in our Indiegogo campaign which ended a few hours ago. We want to thank you for your support to make this possible and ask you to commit to the last minute until we reach the $15,000 for the campaign ” A Bus for the Gagá la Ceja”.

We want to thank all our funders for believing in your/our passion and serving as a bridge for our communities. Building this international bridge of love in the Dominican Republic has been powerfully beautiful thanks to having you by our side ( A list of all funders will be on our blog).

We would also like to thank, Artist Reynaldo Pantaleon who every year creates the logo for the Gagá la Ceja. His incredible work captures the reality of this spiritual/religious ceremony. Thank you to: Artist Nelson Host Santiago for donating his work, the music group Kalunga Neg Mawon for supporting this vision and always saying presente, the group Ay Mayo for joining us in support of this cause, the photographers Rafael de los Santos and Felix Gamez, Dj Sabine, Ocha Records, and the restaurant/bar that has served as a platform for this vision Camaradas El Barrio. Thank you!

Thanks to each of you that have supported by sharing the event, cooking, asking others to donate, doing volunteer work, making flyers and sending energy towards this journey. Gracias!

Last but not least, to each of you Mujeres at TINGO. Your commitment, professionalism, and love towards this vision has inspired a whole community to dance at the beat of Gagá. The based has been built and NOW we want to ask you all to continue walking this journey together with us. You/We deserve to dream bigger.

Thank you,


Si Gagá!

Ways to continue supporting:

Paypal: subject La Guagua

Also, if you want to organize an event, please email us at

Or attending to our Next event: La Guagua, La Amarilla, Subete a La Guagua del Gagá de la Ceja
Indiegogo Campaign:



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