July 2, 2014: Reflecting on Our Identity

Mujeres thank you for making this event wonderful, for opening up and sharing your process with all, and for being present to each of your sisters. Thank you the speakers: Agar Garcia, Carla Garcia, Kalima DeSuze for serving as a bridge for other womyn to be embrace their roots. Thank you to co-sponsors: Barcelo, Broadway Housing Community, Thank you to Carmen Mata for the fierce art, Thank you to Juli Nova for taking her time and coming to celebrate with us, for saying yes when put it in the spot and beyond all for opening and closing the altar. Your blessing set the stage, and  gracias to La mamá de Denise Rivera for sending us the best pastelitos. Thank you to the organizers of TINGO for being unreasonable and going for the extra mile. Thank you to everyone that shared the event and last but not least THANK you to all the groups that always support TINGO Maria Terrero from KumbaCarey, Mi mana  Tania Molina vrom AfroLatino Festival, mi mana Budari Isieni de Budaris Dance Company. Mujeres Seguimos Gritando Fuerte, creciendo juntas, y llevando a nuestras/os Ancestros con nosotras/os. Gracias

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