The 4th Annual Mamá Tingó Festival: The Full Cycle of Life

Dear community

Tingó Grita Fuerte would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all of you who came to our 4th Annual Mamá Tingó Festival: The Full Cycle of Life this year celebrating Worldwide REBIRTH. Our special thanks to the wonderful panelists Carla Garcia, Nieves Ayress, Rev. Julie Novas, Esq. LMSW, and Dr. Martha Moreno Vega for blessing us and inspiring us by sharing their stories of REBIRTH and their knowledge. Thank you to Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center for once again providing the space for this celebration to take place. Thanks to each of the volunteers for their commitment and hard work. Thank you the El Taller Experimental de Arte for their constant support and for creating a beautiful altar to honor Mamá Tingó and our ancestors. Thanks to Tania Molina who performed a beautiful dance to our mother Yemaya. Special thanks to the founder of Artistas Curanderas Sally Hyppolite for facilitating the workshop for the children and to artist Nia Andino for creating a beautiful portrait live at the event. We are truly honored to have celebrated our 2014 Mamá Tingó Festival with all of you. We hope to see you again next year!

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