TINGÓ: Grita Fuerte is a cultural, spiritual and human rights organization for Afro womyn. Its purpose is to create a platform for Afro Womyn to heal through embracing our culture, traditions and rituals. Its belief is that going back to the roots of our cultures, we can transform our life. Our job is to break the walls that have had Afro womyn silenced, limited to growth and forgotten by building the bridge to self-empowerment, self-care and community building. All these will be accomplish through the power of solidarity work national and international, cultural caravans, writing books and holistic work. By serving as a channel for the present and future generations, TINGÓ is building the yola/boat that will take us to a ride to engage into the conversation to celebrate who we are as Afro womyn, our role to create bridges of equality in this  society and to connect all African descendant in one voice.”

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