Que Viva Mamá Tingó

Hoy nacio nuevamente su Luz, su Amor, su Lucha. Hoy nacio una Mujer que no vio limitaciones, que silencio los miedos, abrazo el Pueblo y sobre todo le ha enseñando no tan solo Al pueblo de la Republica Domnica Si no a todo el mundo que se topa con su canto Revolucionario, que la Tierra se respeta. Que hoy y siempre viva su Lucha, su canto y ese Amor incansable para que todas/os tengamos un mejor mundo. Asi Como ella Grita ante las injusticias del hambre del Corazon, tu nunca Te quedes callada. Hoy celebramos el legado de nuestra heroina Florinda Soriano, Mamá Tingò. Gracias, Ayibobo, Ache, Venceremos.




When I want to see ‪#‎beauty‬
Travel into the ‪#‎universe‬
‪#‎Dream‬ of a better tomorrow
Create ‪#‎bridges‬ of infinity unity
‪#‎Love‬ the art of your body
Breath your ‪#‎essence‬
Feel your ‪#‎tenderness‬
‪#‎Harvest‬ opportunities
‪#‎Transform‬ the thoughts
Acknowledge your ‪#‎presence‬
‪#‎Generate‬ amoment
Be present to the present tense
Touch your ‪#‎soul‬
‪#‎Dance‬ with your lips and tongue
‪#‎Understand‬ the moon and the sun
I jump into her ‪#‎sea‬
Into the deepest, ‪#‎Royal‬ blue water
To breath peace of mind
‪#‎Evolve‬ from the be to being

Picture from a Goddess of another planet

International Afro-Latina, Afro-Caribbean, and the Diaspora Womyn’s Day

We want to thank you all for making of this event a platform for the growth of Afro descents. It was remarkable having a panel with phenomenon womyn that are dedicated to create a powerful world fir our present- future generation. Let’s continue creating this platform and have this conversations that will help us to demand respect, acknowledgement, and justice. Also, we want to say thank you to Columbia University for giving us the opportunity to do the event at its space, Rosita Romero for her support always, Kaila and Vannia for volunteering, Manhattan Times for helping us to spread the word and keep all people inform in both languages about our events. Graciasimage image image image image image image image image